• Your own subdomain. The company will have its own subdomain with customized home page -- http://Boeing.HelpingAmericansVote.Org)

• Take credit for being a sponsor. The company will be able to advertise as that they are a Proud Sponsor of HelpingAmericansVote.Org™” on their website or however they wish with logo/hyperlink.

• Measurement. The corporation will receive tracking reports and/or access to the number of subdomain "hits" to help measure program success.

• Guidance on making the most of the service. The company will receive a draft Email to employees that can be edited for distribution in sending the hyperlink to the web site. A calendar of critical election related deadlines will also be provided.

• Low cost. For the 2004 election: a one-time fee of $5,000 for Fortune 1,000 companies or $3,000 for smaller companies.

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