Step 1 The employee receives an email.  
The employee receives an Email from your organization that includes a hyperlink to your HelpingAmericansVote.Org™ site. The service is designed so that you only have to Email your employees with a hyperlink to click to the web site. We'll even provide you with a draft Email to edit. The web address can also be communicated through newsletters and other means.

Step 2 Employee clicks on the link to the website.  
The employee goes to the HelpingAmericansVote.Org™ web site. The web site is designed to reflect your sponsorship of the program using your company or association logo and a brief quote from your organization's leadership.

Step 3 Employee clicks on their home state.  
The employee clicks on their state and is given the information needed to apply for early voting in their state.

Step 4 The employee reviews the voting instructions and application forms.  
Step 5 Company receives activity report.  
We'll provide you with an activity report showing the count of how many "web hits" have taken place on your HelpingAmericansVote.Org™ site.
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