Government has made voting more convenient
More than half the states have no restrictions on mail-in (absentee ballot) or early voting. Many of the remaining states have made absentee ballot voting more accessible.

But government doesn’t always communicate it effectively to voters
Many states have not communicated information to voters about the easier voting options, placing the burden on voters to find out for themselves. Likewise, many state election web sites are difficult to navigate and locate information about voting by mail or early voting.

HelpingAmericansVote.Org™ makes voting information easy to access
HelpingAmericansVote.Org™ has packaged this voting information in an easy-to-understand, easy-to-access format that allows voters to simply take the information and act on it if they would like to use it.

Corporations can connect employees to this voting information
Corporations have existing Email and communication systems with their employees that can easily and inexpensively provide access to this voting information.
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